With a commercial scale of supply projected to reach 50 million litres by 2020, ACM is a leader in Australian organic dairy. 

Australian demand for organic milk far outstrips local supply. Just 40 million litres are produced here, while another 60 million litres of powdered organic milk is imported. Demand is surging globally too, making dairy the fastest-growing organic category.

It all adds up to a great opportunity for farmers. ACM’s support program will help you make the transition to organic farming and our contracts will make it thoroughly worthwhile.

Organic ACM suppliers enjoy three-year contracts with a guaranteed minimum price of $8.00 per kilogram of milk solids. The opening price for 2019/2020 year is $9.00 per kilogram of milk solids.

ACM’s new processing facility manufactures organic and conventional milk into specialty powders, cheese, cream and butter.

Become an Organic Milk Supplier

Step 1

Contact ACM

  • Have your farming practices assessed to identify what needs to change on farm, if anything, to become certified organic

  • ACM will also provide an expert to forecast your financials along the way to and including successful organic accreditation

Step 2

Certification Process

  • Join our dedicated organic workshops and farm walks.

  • ACM will provide consulting services to assist you all the way to achieving accreditation. 

  • ACM will pay for, and assist with, the direct administration costs of preparing your organic management plan and application 

  • ACM will offer an interest-free loan to cover the price difference between organic and conventional feed for the last six months before certification

Step 3

Fully Certified

  • ACM will pay a minimum of $8.00/kg Milk Solids for fully certified organic milk, based on the ACM seasonal curve. Contracted pricing is in place for up to three years once certification is achieved.

National Association for Sustainable Agriculture

Formed in 1986, The National Association for Sustainable Agriculture, Australia (NASAA) supports the education of industry and consumers on Organic, Biodynamic and Sustainable agricultural practices.

NASAA is committed to developing and maintaining organic standards; assisting operators in gaining organic certification; and developing the organic industry in Australia.

The scope of NASAA's Standard covers the organic supply chain – from input manufacturers to producers, processors to wholesale and retail operations - ensuring organic integrity 'from paddock to plate'.

With a national office based in the Adelaide Hills in South Australia, NASAA is a non-profit company limited by guarantee comprising an Association of Members.

NASAA Certified Organic (NCO) is a fully-owned subsidiary of The National Association for Sustainable Agriculture, Australia, and provides the certification services to operators within Australia, its Territories, and internationally.



The Organic Milk Company is Australian owned and operated which produces milk that is free from chemicals, pesticides, GMO’s, hormones and antibiotics. It’s easy to see why this is better for cows, better for the environment and better for Australian families.

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